Anatomy of Cyberattack

Published 28 April 2016 – Anatomy of Cyberattack is a collection of cybersecurity war stories from the first 8 years of my career. At the same time it creates a framework to understand how cyberattacks take place and how big part reconnaissance plays in the game.

More official description:

They have the power to destroy lives, shut down businesses, and affect every one of us all around the world. They always come unannounced and you hear about them every day. Cyberattacks. The plague of today’s technology-reliant world. Many consider cyberattacks pure computer magic; something too complicated to comprehend. But let me assure you, it’s definitely not magic. Cyberattacks do, however, require a certain level of intelligence and computer knowledge. That’s why the only way to successfully defend yourself against a cyberattack, is to learn and understand its anatomy. In this book, I explain how a cyberattack looks like from a hacker’s perspective so that in case he picks you as his next victim, you’re not going to be vulnerable and defenceless.

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