Cybersecurity for Entrepreneurs


It is no surprise that there are cyber risks. Entrepreneurs deal with risks every day. Cybersecurity talks tend to describe what we should worry about and very rarely provide solutions. Entrepreneurs prefer action: what to do.

I give talks to EO chapters how to manage cyber risks. There are decisions that need to be made by the entrepreneur – no one else, then there are tools, processes and tasks that can be delegated. How much to budget? Where to start and whether to hire a consultant?

We start by identifying the most critical information of your business, where the information resides and who has access to it. Then we map out options to reduce the risk of this information getting breached. After that we learn what and how to delegate and what resources are needed and how to budget.

The walkthrough is described in a leaflet that we fill together. You end up having a plan that can be executed the very next day. During the session real examples are shared – some serious, some hilarious. The most important thing is to learn from other people’s mistakes and avoid paying the high price yourself.

The session can be held in minimum of 2 hours but the best results typically occur when we can spend 4 hours (with breaks) around the topic.

To book this session for your chapter, email hello @mikkosniemela.com

I will provide cybersecurity framework leaflets to be filled during the session, material in slides and of course exceptional delivery. The event space needs to have a projector, participants need to have pen and paper for notes. Intimate rooms without the need for microphone work better – this is interactive session. We are working on Entrepreneur’s guide for cybersecurity that includes what to during in case of a data breach and who to reach for support. The latest version will be provided to participants.

Feedback from previous sessions:

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    • “Mikko is a super genious hacker / IT guy and dark web person , impressively he also has skills to explain that world in such a funny and understandable way, I never thought that a hacker can be so funny.”
    • “This was one of the most entertaining and yet informing learning sessions I have had in my time in EO in 7 years. Mikko is super funny, sociable, humble in his knowledge and he let us inside the mysterious world of dark web, deep web, hackers and business accounts’ security. I recommend this session to everyone, whether you have anything to do with web or not – I can promise you will have lot’s of fun and feel enlightened after the session.”
    • “I would highly recommended Mikko, in order to understand dark side of the internet with a funny humor. He gives quick tips about how to protect yourself from the possible attacks.”
    • “A real eye opener for me. Having someone with actual hacking experience to share the truth and provide insights to cyber risks and security lends a deeper and unknown dimension to the issues. Great session”
    • “An eye opener from cyber security and crimes understanding Fantastic session :‐)”


I am not in the business of defending your business, you are in the business of defending your business. You need the right mindset and clarity – the rest is discipline.

-Mikko (EO Singapore)